Love is a Four Legged Word

About Nuesta Pets

Our Promise:

At Nuesta Pets we know that the key to happiness is surrounding yourself with animals! We care about each and every pet, and know that they aren't just animals, they are family. We promise to treat your fur baby just as good as you would!

Our Ingredients:

We are paws-itively certain that you'll love our high-quality ingredients, that are not only safe for all skin types but will leave your pet clean and smelling great! That sounds like the perfect combo for snuggle time to us!

Our Mission:

We offer a safe and efficient way to keep your sweet pets clean! From easy-to-use wipes and no-rinse shampoos to home stain and odor remover, your pet's hygiene is our #1 priority. Our mission is to keep you and your pet smiling by offering many options for easy clean-up no matter the situation!


We Care

About Pet Care


We go above and beyond to make sure that our products are safe for your pets! As a pet owner, you can use Nuesta products with confidence, knowing that our quality ingredients will keep your pet, clean, happy, and healthy!

Our Values

We want you to experience the Joy of going on Adventures with your four-legged friend while having the Freedom to have Fun without the stress.

Pets provide us with an unrivaled sense of Companionship. They help us feel more connected to other living creatures, boosting our sense of Empathy and Compassion while giving us a satisfying sense of purpose and responsibility.

We are busy pet owners - just like you - which is why we keep Ease-of use and Quality a priority in all of our products.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

-Mahatma Gandhi